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The White House

The White House was actually located on the White side of the campus. Inside this house, Black and White boys were beaten. The beatings for Black boys were brutal and more severe. Captured runaways were brought to the White House and were made examples. In this way, we would all see the consequences for running away. The White House was basically Dozier’s torture chamber. We would have to sit in a room and hear the screams of one of our brothers being beaten until it was our turn.


Punishment could be handed out for the smallest offenses: laughing, playing the dozens, not working fast enough, or for nothing at all. Sometimes captured boys were beaten so badly that they would pass out while walking back to their cottage. Some boys would leave The White House limping, barely able to walk. Our blood is the paint that stained the walls of The White House.

The White House

Torture chamber

Marianna, FL

Public Domain

Florida Photographic Collection

Date unknown

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