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 “I Survived Dozier”  details a true account of Huntly’s youth, when he was moved to the infamous Florida School for Boys, founded to make good citizens, but in fact a slave camp. Here young boys, aged between ten to twenty-one, were forced to work in the school farms and cane fields as laborers, deprived of their human rights, tortured and even killed. Their parents had no clues how their sons were being treated, and talking to outsiders could, and did, invite death.

You will read about the horrible truth of the child labor, rape, beating, murder, and slavery that took place at Dozier Reform School. The Dozier Reform School incarcerated little boys as young as six years old and locked them away until they were old enough to be put in the fields to work. You will learn what happened to little boys at the reform school, why it happened, and how they did it as the State of Florida looked the other way. 

*Order your personal copy today! Autographed by Mr. Huntly.

You can purchase your personal copy of  "I Survived Dozier:  The Deadliest Reform School in America" autographed by Richard Huntly for $20.95  (shipping included) by completing the request form on the "Contact Us" page.

Mr. Huntly's book can also be purchased online at Amazon.  However, books purchased online will not be personally autographed. 

Author:  Mr. Richard Huntly

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