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I was a slave at Dozier from 1957-1959.  I have two older brothers, Willie and Arthur Huntley, who were also at Dozier Reform School. Both Willie and Arthur are now deceased. The only time we were all together at the Dozier institution was in 1959. I was 13, Arthur was 14, and Willie was 17 years old. My brothers  have been my inspiration in getting our story told. I carry both of them on my shoulders everywhere I go.

This is very personal for me. It was not only me there. My brothers were there and so many other boys were there. I and others are committed to telling our stories for ourselves, and on behalf of those who are deceased or too scared to speak. The more our stories are heard, the stronger we become. Thank you for your interest in our quest to share authentic accounts of history and help shape the future.


Best regards,

Richard Huntly, a former slave

Author, Public Speaker, Activist

& President of Black Boys at Dozier Reform School (BBAD)

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