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Dozier School for Boys was a State-owned facility for juvenile delinquents located in Marianna, Florida. The School opened January 1, 1900.  It was known by several names through the years: initially Florida Industrial School for Boys, later Florida School for Boys (FSB), and finally Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. It is also unofficially called Dozier Reform School by former students (actually, inmates). 


The school operated from 1900-2011. It was on the surface intended to be a rehabilitation or reform school for boys with so-called behavioral problems; but it was, in fact, a segregated plantation where young boys on the Black side were enslaved and forced to do the difficult and dangerous work of grown men from sun-up to sun-down. On the White side, the boys did easy labor and learned trades with which they could build successful lives after they were released from Dozier.


The Dozier plantation profited Jackson County millions of dollars. It was Florida's best-kept secret for 111 years. This website focuses on the abuse on the black side. 

Dozier School

for Boys

Segregated black side

Marianna, FL

Photographed: 2013


Nina Berman

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