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In the heart of Florida's serene landscape, the Dozier Reform School for Boys concealed a nightmare. Childhood wasn't lost here; it was stolen. Boys as young as eight were thrust into a vortex of exploitation and terror, their innocence traded for the shackles of slavery. Behind the facade of education, a chamber of horrors called "The White House" witnessed unspeakable evils—rape, murder, beatings. I stand as a survivor, scarred by the echoes of my comrades' anguish. This website is my rebellion, a torch against the darkness. I challenge you to face the unsettling truth, to ensure the horrors of yesterday find no shelter today. It's a war cry for vigilance, a call to guard innocence and humanity. Journey with me, confront the abyss and let's together ensure that the screams of the past are never again muted.

Discover the entire narrative within the pages of my book.
Dozier Huntly.jpg

Richard Huntly, a former slave,

Author, Public Speaker, Activist,

President of Black Boys at

Dozier Reform School (BBAD)

You can purchase your copy of  "I Survived Dozier:  The Dreadliest Reform School in America" autographed by Richard Huntly for $20.95  (shipping included) by completing the request form on the "Contact Us Page." 

Purchase Mr. Huntly’s book online at Amazon; however, books purchased online will not be personally autographed. After you’ve read the book, remember to leave a 5-star review on Amazon—thank you!

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